Tuesday, June 10, 2008

To Paul, From Sue:

Happy Birthday to my friend Paul Goldstein who would have been 50 years old tomorrow, June 10, 2008. I am sure you would have celebrated with a big party and some luscious cake, and told stories that would make people laugh. I know the Angels are singing to you now, but I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday on your Journey. I miss you, your family misses you and you have left a treasure in a beautiful young woman named Stephanie, whom I know you were and always will be proud. She is an amazing person and will continue to carry you in her heart along with your lovely wife Alice, for always.I'll be blowing bubbles outside tomorrow and sending them up to Heaven for you. Catch a couple for me and enjoy. Happy Birthday my friend.As always, your friend, Sue

A poem for Paul

14 Years have passed us by While families grow and on we fly I hope you know what good things befell  To your family and friends since you s...