Friday, February 24, 2012

...and then there were two

I can remember as a kid that the number 5 meant a lot.  It meant that we filled a car.  It meant that we needed an extra chair for a booth in a restaurant.  It meant that we got hotel rooms with roll-away beds.  Over the last several years we went from 5 to 4, and from 4 to 3, and now, this week, we are only 2.  It seems so odd to me.  Almost like I'm an endangered species.  This is just one of many thoughts running around my brain this week.  As hard as it always is to say goodbye, I'll always have the memories of what the 5 of us did together, and I will continue to find comfort in those memories.  I am thankful for the overwhelming support from friends and family, and the great stories everyone has to tell.  Take care, all of you.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Get Ready To Relay!

Kingston's Relay For Life is on May 5th this year.  Click here to sign up.

Any ideas are welcome.  Email us at
relay(at)paulgoldstein(dot)org with your ideas for fundraising, themes, etc.

See you all there!

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