Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Paul!

Happy birthday to my brother Paul who would have been 56 today.  For some reason the story that came to mind had to do with a vacation that Paul took back in the early eighties.  You see, Paul had re-programmed most of our business's computer system, and was therefore the only one who could fix the damned thing when it broke.  After not being able to get away for a long time he finally got in the car and hit the road.

What happened?  You guessed it.  Something broke.  When they finally got a hold of him, he was relaying information from Mount Washington in New Hampshire on a payphone.  No cells yet. I've always had this vision of Paul yelling into that remote payphone in the mountains with a line of people waiting to use it.  "No!  I said RE-BOOT"

I hope everyone else continues to remember stories like this.  We miss you Paul.

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