Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It would have been a holiday season of Monty Python jokes and at least one showing of "Murder by Death". Sausage or Taylor Pork Roll for breakfast, and a coffee pot full of mac-n-cheese for lunch. Dinner? Maybe a pork roast, or out to Charlie Brown's. At least one car mishap, hopefully not a flaming Taurus in a WalMart lot, or having to make a window out of a table protector. I have these things to remind me of the good times, and how you always managed to get the humor out of the bad times.

I hope they have a huge movie library wherever you are, and unlimited internet. Miss you Paul.

Remembrance (From Sue)


I paused at the window this morning

On this the twenty second day of December

And took pause as the dawn

Lifted the sun silently over the horizon

I greeted the morning with coffee in hand

Said a prayer & remembered

On this day two years had past

Since I had seen my friend Paul, the last

He's somewhere over the rainbow

He's where dreams come true

He's with all who have come before

Waiting for those yet to travel afar

He greets the mornings with sunrises

He can see more than he could ever imagine

He's fascinated by all he walks by

He finds eternity amazing

He loved whom he loved with a heart of gold

He gave of his heart to the young and the old

Now at this Christmas, his favorite time of year

He has his father with him to toast good cheer

I paused at the window this morning

On this twenty second day of December

And took pause as the dawn

Lifted silently over the horizon

A toast to the life of one well lived

With humor, and grace and love

He will today and forever more be remembered

On this the twenty second day of December


Monday, December 21, 2009

Another Dream

Paul visited me in my sleep again. This time, I was driving a van on the New York State Thruway. I had somehow crawled into the back and fallen asleep. I can remember waking every now and then thinking how is the van still driving? Is the road that straight? Finally I got up and sat in the passenger seat, marveling at the steering wheel and everything else being controlled by some invisible force. "Who is there"? I asked. "Paul is that you"? Nothing happened, and I looked back at the road, but when I looked at the drivers seat again, He was there. "Why couldn't I see you before?" I asked. He replied "You can't see me until you identify me by name". He told me he saw me fall asleep and took over driving so I would be safe. Thank you for watching over me Paul. (Photo: Nelson D. Flickr)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Birthday Wishes From Lee

Happy Birthday Paul. I always found it neat that when you would have the June 10 birthday for 2 1/2 weeks we were the same age. Even after many years it was always something I looked forward to that made those 19 days different than the other 346. It's the small things that I miss most; a comment, a gesture, an expression.            


June 10th, 2009

Happy birthday to my brother Paul, who would have been 51 today. Special thanks to Marti and Amy for delivering a small gift to him. Something he always cherished; his Jello Pudding. I know he would appreciate both the thought, and the humor, as that was the way Paul lived. A man of thought, and laughs. We will keep thinking and laughing in your absence, although I'm finding it hard to laugh today. Miss you

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