Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Those who know me well have not heard me talk about dreams much. This is because I don't remember them. Once in a great while I have a dream that I do remember. Usually some bizarre image of a place I have either been, or dreamed of before back when I did remember them.

Last night I had a very vivid dream about Paul. He came to me to tell me that he was OK, and enjoying the afterlife. He wanted me to know that there really was an afterlife, and that he enjoyed it, even though it was, as he said "a lot of work".

Paul showed me the afterlife on a computer (typical). It was, he said, like a never ending simulation game. They lived out endless scenarios and events, repeating and refining wherever they liked. There was even a little animated Paul on the screen when he explained this.

I hope that this in someway is coming from him. I know it's over-the-top-crazy, but somehow fitting for Paul. And, fitting for my dreams I guess.

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