Wednesday, December 22, 2021

A poem for Paul

14 Years have passed us by

While families grow and on we fly

I hope you know what good things befell 

To your family and friends since you said farewell

Keep an eye on us from time to time

With the occasional joke dropped at the appropriate time

Because I know it's you that hides my pen

But also makes sure that we all win again

We're still here Paul. And I know you're proud.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Families grow, people grow. The world turns and we get a little more gray.

Make a wish.

The seeds carry on our breath

and the wind does the rest.

Life springs

where it lands

making tiny sunshine.

A ray of hope

destined to offer 

more wishes to the hopeful.

I wish you could see us now.

What a year.  You're a grandpa again!  COVID continues, and has changed the world fundamentally, for good, and bad.  I'm a homeowner again, and all of the kids are heading in good directions, making good life choices.  I'm teaching.  I like this.  All of it.  Except what's missing.  Happy birthday Paul!

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