Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Poem of Dreams for Paul Goldstein on this his 53rd Birthday June 2011, by Sue

I dreamed a dream of long ago
Of after High School days and schemes
Of Crimson Roses, and Candle Light
Of Marshmallows freshly toasted

I dreamed of Birthday Cakes
For Relatives or Friends
Of magic afternoon delights
Eating Ice Cream, Vanilla white

Soft Velvety from Dairy Queen
Like the Love you shared with all
I wish you a Blessed Birthday
My friend, our one and only Paul

Now to sleep and dream again
And wake up to tomorrow
With trust and faith and
The Good Cheer you gave

As you said good bye with
Your eyebrows raised
In one final breath
Heaven holds you in it's arms

I shall never forget.

Be Well, my friend, and carry on the wings of Angels. Sing songs to Stephanie and Alice so they can hear them in the wind. I know I shall see you again someday, but for now God has borrowed you from us, until we meet again.

Love, Sue

Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday Paul. Alec told me today that he wants to watch The Holy Grail this weekend with me. Python films will always remind me of you, and the fun times we had watching them, quoting them, and sometimes..... LIVING THEM. I'll have a bowl of no-sugar-added Moose Tracks in your honor while we watch. Now, off to find a shrubbery.

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