Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Paul...

Dear Paul,

Things are a bit hectic this year. Moving again, although this time a bit unexpected. I think you'd like the new place. Reminds me a little of Salt Point, without the crazy landlord though we hope. Mom is still in Latham, and doing OK. We had a big Thanksgiving get-together at the Desmond with her, although I think you already know that. The heart-shaped potato on her plate was a nice touch. You must be so proud of Stephanie. The rest of the kids are doing well. All the girls are all either in, or finished with college, and I'm sure Alec will end up there too. Say hi to Dad, the grandparents, and everyone else. I think maybe tonight we'll whip up a batch of coffee-pot mac-n-cheese, some pudding, and watch Murder By Death. I'll leave a chair for you.

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