Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Get-Together for Paul Goldstein -- Jan 19th Bard College

Hi all,

We have set the get-together that Paul wanted us all to have for Saturday, January 19th at Bard College in Annandale-On-Hudson, NY. This will be pot-luck, although we won't turn anyone away if you can't bring anything. Things will start around 2 PM, but we would ask people bringing food try to get there early to help setup. We have the room available to us from 12:30 until 7PM.

As far as what to bring, well, anything goes! We can use food, desserts, drinks (no alcohol please), snacks, etc. I'm not sure if we will have equipment to heat food or not. I will have to get back to you all on that. Please email, or call and let us know what you are bringing, and I'll post it on the website ( ). You can check the website first to see what's already coming. That way we won't end up with 20 pans of lasagna :-)

I will send and post directions to the college once I have details on where the room is on campus. Annandale is just across the river from Kingston. If anyone is coming from far away, there are motels in Kingston, and enough to do to make a weekend of it. Just ask if you need some suggestions. The campus alone is worth a visit. We can pickup commuters at the Poughkeepsie Metro North station, and the Rhinecliff Amtrak station again if necessary. Just let us know and someone will be there.

Let's all try to make this what I think Paul wanted it to be. There will be memorabilia there, but please feel free to bring more if you have any pictures of Paul.

Cards, letters, and donations continue to come in. Thank you all again for your generosity. I hope to see lots of people at Bard on the 19th.

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Russell Kaminsky said...

Dear Neil and Family,
Thanks to this cold weather the water and iced tea are cooling nicely in the trunk of my car. I will be driving up with my daughter and her friend who are staying in Albany for the weekend. I am looking forward to "celebrating" Paul's life with friends and family this weekend. I know he'll be looking down and smiling on us all. See you all there! Russell