Monday, December 21, 2009

Another Dream

Paul visited me in my sleep again. This time, I was driving a van on the New York State Thruway. I had somehow crawled into the back and fallen asleep. I can remember waking every now and then thinking how is the van still driving? Is the road that straight? Finally I got up and sat in the passenger seat, marveling at the steering wheel and everything else being controlled by some invisible force. "Who is there"? I asked. "Paul is that you"? Nothing happened, and I looked back at the road, but when I looked at the drivers seat again, He was there. "Why couldn't I see you before?" I asked. He replied "You can't see me until you identify me by name". He told me he saw me fall asleep and took over driving so I would be safe. Thank you for watching over me Paul. (Photo: Nelson D. Flickr)

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